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01 December 2022
Ecobul Partner Ltd. implemented a new installation for recycling HDPE and PET ink tubes for professional laser printers.

October 28 2022

New delivery of used toner cartridges from our Italian partners.

October 22 2022

Today we delivered 12,000 kilograms of iron, 10,000 kilograms of plastic mix and 3,300 kilograms of aluminum.


To the people concerned and the general public, Ecobul Partner LTD, city of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, 11 Naycho Tsanov Street, hereby informs the affected population, pursuant to Art. 95, para 1 of the Environmental Protection Act, that there is an investment proposal for “Adding a new waste code suitable for treatment in an installation for the recovery of waste toner cartridges” in RLE XV-537, section 520, for industrial activity in a building with identifier 55155.508.537.1 as per the layout of the city of Pazardzhik.